Sunday, 21 August 2011


weheee.. tumpang blog naz lg.. haha.. sorie.. i tkut nk update kt blog i.. nnt my mum bace..... i tgh tkut niee... tolonggg...

retainer i ilang.. retainer tuh ape? retainer tuh kuih raye.. haha.. mne ade la... retainer tuh besi yg kt gg tuh.. die kene pki lps kite bukak breces.. bende tuh kene pki for 6 month.. permenantly.. tp i br pki 2 bln da ilang... i tkut nk gtaw parents i cuz bende tuh mahal plus.. xlogik btol bende tuh nk ilang.. shitttt!! cmne nie..

skarang nie i xsmpi 24hrs pki bnde tuh pon i da rse lain tawwww... ibarat org rabun kehilangan cermin mate.. cmtu la syudzahari bile kehilangan retainer,, haha.. i tkut gg i bergerak cuz gg i x static lg- maybe la..

cmne nie cmne nie... sumpah nk nangis..  i tkut sgt kene marah.. tkut sgt org yg marah i tuh da xsyg i.. cmne kalaw mak ayah i da xsyg i.. cmne kalaw diorg ignore i plak lepas nie.. nnt i jd anak terbuang.. oh noooo.. huhhuhuhuhu...

budak comel,

Saturday, 20 August 2011

weeee :)

first thing first.. i bukan nazrul.. saje je menyelinap msok kt blog yg dah bersawang nie.. hahaha.. n im doin some editing.. sorie la kalaw xlawa cm blog i.. hhahaha..*blog i pon xlawa! nie buat pon dlm mse sehari je.. nk bg nazrul bersemangat nk update blog.. kalaw die xupdate blog jugak.. siap die!

ermm.. xtaw la nk ckp ape kt blog org nie.. ouh ya.. nk promote blog i laa.. i pon ade blog jugak.. tp blog i merepek je la.. this is my blog simplestoryofsyudzahari feel free to read my blog.. *jgn lupe follow.. heee...

ermm... i bace nazrul punye older post rse cm nk tergelak.. *sorie ya awak.. i da agak da.. die wat blog mesti sebab bel.. ape itu bel? bel actually kind of english stdy.. i lpe ar nme pnjg die ape.. korg pndi2 la cr.. tanye la budak2 uitm.. sure diorg taw sebab sume dak diploma kene amek bel nie dr part1 smpi part3.. so, cm biase la.. kalaw buat bukan dr hati.. mesti lame2 bende nie tergendale cm tu je.. huhu..

okay la.. malas nk merepek pnjg2.. nnt kalaw i rajin, i singgah sini n update gosip terbaru yee.. :)

budak comel,

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


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